Currently is on Test Network and for testing purpose only. Please switch to the Main Network.
Get up to+300% of your deposits
We offer bonuses for the total number of active investors on the smart contract and a personal retention bonus with a growing percentage depending on the base income. Maximum possible yield: + 300% for each deposit By placing your funds into our smart contract, you will Triple your income.

Direct Referral Commissions :

  • Anytime you refer a new client to the company to buy a package you earn between 6% to 12% depending on your invested package and also depends on the package the client purchases
  • Example -1 : if you have a 175 BNB package and refer a 0.2 BNB package you earn 6% referral bonus. Also, if you have a 0.2 BNB package and refer $175 package you earn 6%
  • Example -2: f you have 175 BNB package and refer 175 BNB you earn 13% referral bonus, if you have $175 package and refer 7 BNB package you earn 9% referral bonus.
  • Min Investment is of 0.1 BNB
  • Max Investment is of 175 BNB

Team Sales/Indirect Bonus

  • Team is built on Unilevel/Multilevel platform up to 10 Generations. The earning level depends on the Package you own.
Your upline:
Total invested
... BNB
Remaining Earning
... BNB
Total withdrawn
... BNB
Contract users
Next Available at
Available for withdrawal
... BNB
Date Amount
... ... BNB
Referral program
Amt Level Direct Team Head
0.1-0.4 1st 6% -- ...
>0.4-0.8 2nd 7% 3.5% ...
>0.8-1.6 3rd 8% 3% ...
>1.6-3.5 4th 9% 2.5% ...
>3.5-7 5th 10% 2% ...
>7-10.5 6th 10% 1.75% ...
>10.5-17.5 7th 11% 1.50% ...
>17.5-35 8th 12% 1.25% ...
>35-175 9th 13% 1% ...
>35-175 10th -- 0.5% ...

Total Direct Referral : ... BNB

Total Indirect Referral : ... BNB

Accessible entrance
Deposit any amount of BNB to the smart contract and start making profits. The minimum deposit amount is 0.05 BNB. There is no maximum limit.
If you do not invest by upline's referral link, platform selects an upline randomly. First it selects from ppl who did not have downline and then it be selected from ppl who have less direct referral.
Auto-referral payout
Commissions are withdrawn automatically by platform and it transfers directly on your personal wallet when invested. Therefore there is no withdrawal referral bonus button.
We recommend using: Metamask / Binance Chain Wallet browser extensions, or Trust Wallet mobile applications. You can exchange BNB coins at all popular exchangers.